2014-2015: Our 10th Anniversary Season

It's been ten years since Walking Shadow's first production in the Minnesota Fringe Festival! Now we have 32 productions under our belt, and are racing into a season filled with danger, magic, survival, reconciliation and ridiculous pistol duels. Thanks to everyone who made our past decade of intelligent, provocative theatre possible. We'll see you at the show!


Gabriel image squareGabriel

written by Moira Buffini
directed by Amy Rummenie

Minneapolis Theatre Garage
September 26 - October 11, 2014

A tiny, rocky island in the middle of the English Channel. A bitter winter night, two years into the German occupation. A young girl calls on ancient fairy magic, and a beautiful, naked young man washes up on the mine-filled Guernsey beach. Is he an English pilot? Or a Nazi officer? For the women who found him, Gabriel could either be their savior, or the biggest danger they've ever met. (Details here)


Whale image squareThe Whale

written by Samuel D. Hunter
directed by Amy Rummenie

Mixed Blood Theatre
November 26 - December 20, 2014

On the outskirts of Mormon Country, Idaho, a six hundred pound recluse hides away in his apartment, eating himself to death. Hoping to find an honest human connection, he reaches out to his long-estranged daughter, only to discover a viciously sharp-tongued teen. Big-hearted and fiercely funny, The Whale tells the story of a man's last chance at redemption, and of finding beauty in the most unexpected places. Presented as part of both Walking Shadow and Mixed Blood's 2014-2015 seasons. (Details here)


Coward image squareThe Coward

written by Nick Jones
directed by Amy Rummenie

Red Eye Theater
February 6 – 28, 2015

Lucidus is a bloody coward. After being compelled by his overbearing father to defend the family name, he challenges an unsuspecting gentleman to a duel. This is Lucidus' first mistake. Terrified and squeamish, he hires a thug to fight in his place. This is Lucidus' second mistake. He'll make more. A lot more. The Coward is a manly comedy about manly honor… played by a company of women. (Details here)



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